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Page  Three

This page contains sleds by other companies;  see Slopes 1 and 2 for Flexible Flyers and Lightning Guiders.



  I enjoy collecting and refinishing snow sleds. I have real respect for the quality and craftsmanship of the "older" runner sleds.  Below and on the other slopes (pages) is my collection.  Some I have completely restored, some need to be restored, and some are in their original condition.  I welcome any comments regarding the sleds.  You can reach me at:

Deen Watson


   Auto Wheel Coaster  -  Fleetwing 56B (1940's?)  Completely restored with the graphics recreated after purchase on ebay for $9.99. The original bumpers were coated with rubber.


(23A).jpg (107287 bytes)

(23B).jpg (98359 bytes)

(23C).jpg (104779 bytes)



  Auto Wheel Coaster - Fleetwing Flash 356 - (1930's?) A current restoration project.


(24).jpg (53663 bytes)

   Auto Wheel Coaster  -  Fleetwing (1910's?)  Restoration started with the runners sandblasted and primed.


(25).jpg (70306 bytes)

   American Acme - Sky Plane #54 - (1940's?)  Completely restored with broken cross supports replaced and graphics recreated.  Note the flames on the handle.

(26A).jpg (80117 bytes)



(26B).jpg (113280 bytes)

(26C).jpg (66843 bytes)



   American Acme - Polar Plane #1 - (1940's)  Completely restored, broken side rail and cross support replaced. The graphics were recreated. The sled was a gift from my uncle.




(27A).jpg (96313 bytes)

(27B).jpg (129404 bytes)

(27C).jpg (119753 bytes)



   American Acme - Flexoplane #438 - The year is unknown, it is in its original condition. Note the curled up ends on the rails.


(28).jpg (92494 bytes)

   Paris Mfg Co., Speedaway #848 - The year is unknown.  2nd photo is of "Speed" the younger son of the contributor of this slope.



(29).jpg (94786 bytes)

(29A).jpg (149678 bytes)


   RIVETS  Webmaster's note:  As can be seen, Deen Watson is very good at restoration.  One of the problems in restoration is obtaining rivets that match originals.  We persuaded Deen to part with some of his stock and to send some photos of them.  Deen can be contacted by email if the viewer is in need of them.  

(32A).jpg (33566 bytes)

(32B).jpg (34131 bytes)

(32C).jpg (37211 bytes)



    Other sleds collected by Deen can be seen on Watson's Slopes 1 and 2.

updated 15 Feb 2003