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  This section is dedicated to a study of the particulars of sled history.  It is a work in progress.


   Flexible Flyers are the most often recognized brand of sled.  The U S Patent Office has a website that specifically recognizes S L Allen and his patents.  It can be accessed at:  http://www.uspto.gov/go/kids/flexflyr.htm#this1


    Sleds originally were an important transportation tool that facilitated the movement of goods and people on frozen surfaces where wheels often did not work. Early petitions were made to the British to allow sliding on Beacon Hill. Later, sleds were used to transport heavy cannon in the early years of the Revolution to oust the British from Boston.

  Like many work activities, sleds became used for recreational purposes.  Sleds have been portrayed in many ways, especially in pictures.  We recently came across a Winter Sports jigsaw puzzle on a website for a different kind of collection.  The collector, Bob Armstrong, gave permission to use this copy of one of his many puzzles.  More of his collection can be found on his interesting website: www.oldpuzzles.com

"Winter Sports-Children Skating" 

Bob Armstrong's Old Jigsaw Puzzles

Pastime Puzzles cut by Parker Brothers, Inc., Salem MA (1908 to 1958)
Pastime and other early cutters used prints depicting people in Victorian style clothing with the children appearing very "grown-up". Such prints including the one pictured made wonderful puzzles of an era we longingly look back at over 100 years ago. Puzzle shown has extensive color line cutting and 35 figure pieces and was cut around 1917.



Updated September 17, 2004