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Page  One

This page contains Flexible Flyers, see Slopes 2 and 3 for Lightning Guiders and other sleds.


  Deen Watson has a nice fleet of sleds, pictured on our home page.  His skill as a graphic artist has enabled him to restore a number of sleds. He states his introduction:

  I enjoy collecting and refinishing snow sleds. I have real respect for the quality and craftsmanship of the "older" runner sleds.  Below and on the other slopes (pages) is my collection.  Some I have completely restored, some need to be restored, and some are in their original condition.  I welcome any comments regarding the sleds.  You can reach me at:

Deen Watson


   FF - 5C   Completely restored, broken side rail replaced.  Pictured at right is the sled with close up views of the intricate graphics on the deck and of the handle and bumper.  The graphics were recreated.



(3A).jpg (132105 bytes)

(3B).jpg (99275 bytes)

(3C).jpg (79125 bytes)



   FF - 4C    Completely restored, broken cross supports and side rails replaced.  The graphics were recreated.


(4A).jpg (82593 bytes)

(4B).jpg (141307 bytes)


  FF - RACER RACER   Series E in original condition with close up of deck.



(5A).jpg (69880 bytes)

(5B).jpg (77826 bytes)


   FF - #60H Airline Racer (1930's?) Original Condition - This sled has rare airplane decals, one of which is partially under the original graphics.  Appear to have been placed by the manufacturer.

(6A).jpg (77470 bytes)


(6B).jpg (104332 bytes)

(6C).jpg (130237 bytes)



  FF - #60H Airline Racer  (1950's?)  Partially restored, cross support replaced.  This is my personal racing sled ... the fastest on the mountain - highly recommended.


(7).jpg (70544 bytes)

   FF - #60J Airline Racer (1950's?)  Partially restored, cross support replaced.  Note: all chrome front end.  Used as another racing sled ... great for the family.


(8).jpg (64701 bytes)

   FF - #65 Airline Cruiser (1940's?)  Eventually will be restored, nicknamed "Big Bertha" this is a very large sled.


(9).jpg (61573 bytes)

   FF - #251 Airline Racer (1960's?)  Original condition, this is my younger son's sledding sled.


(10).jpg (78635 bytes)

   FF - #251 Airline Racer (1960's?)  Original condition.  Another great sled for kids.


(11).jpg (79488 bytes)

   FF - Airline Junior -   I can't wait to start restoring this sled.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. [webmaster's comment: sledders are not always sane]


(12).jpg (79415 bytes)
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updated 15 Feb 2003