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Page  Two

This page contains Lightning Guiders, see Slopes 1 and 3 for Flexible Flyers and other sleds.


  Deen Watson has a nice fleet of sleds, pictured on our home page.  His skill as a graphic artist has enabled him to restore a number of sleds. He states his introduction:

  I enjoy collecting and refinishing snow sleds. I have real respect for the quality and craftsmanship of the "older" runner sleds.  Below and on the other slopes (pages) is my collection.  Some I have completely restored, some need to be restored, and some are in their original condition.  I welcome any comments regarding the sleds.  You can reach me at:

Deen Watson


   LG 22 1/2 (1920's?) - This was my very first restoration project.  It was purchased at an antique store for $4.00.  All the wood has been replaced and the graphics replaced.


(13A).jpg (108672 bytes)

(13B).jpg (114443 bytes)



   LG 123 1/2 (1930's?) - Completely restored using all the original wood. Note the all wood front and side rails.  The graphics have been recreated. It was purchased at an auction.


(14A).jpg (83543 bytes)

(14B).jpg (82004 bytes)


   LG 125 (1950's?) - This is a current restoration project.  Green lettering and red lightning bolts.


(15).jpg (78660 bytes)

   LG 125 (1950's?) - Partially restored, graphics recreated.



(17A).jpg (75511 bytes)

(17B).jpg (79892 bytes)



   LG 123 1/2 (1950's) - Completely restored, this was a gift to my older son.



(18A).jpg (101298 bytes)

(18B).jpg (116570 bytes)



   LG 123 1/2 (1950's?) - Completely restored.  All new wood and graphics recreated.  This sled was restored for a friend as a gift to his daughter.


(19).jpg (102199 bytes)

   LG 122 (1960's) -  Original condition.  This sled was a gift to me from my Uncle.

[note: cf. Lightning Guider on Jon's Slope 3]



(20A).jpg (98214 bytes)

(20B).jpg (103951 bytes)



   LG 56 (1970's) - Original condition.  A great example of a later model Lightning Guider.



(21A).jpg (94651 bytes)

(21B).jpg (110296 bytes)



   LG 53  (1980's) -  Original condition.  Note: later model steering handle


(22).jpg (111384 bytes)
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updated 15 Feb 2003