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  The sleds listed on this Slope (page) are Flexible Flyers models designated as Racers. Different series of sleds had models designated as a Racer model.  Other Flexible Flyer sleds are shown on Jon's Slope P. 1.  Sleds by the Paris Mfg Co., by the Standard Novelty Works (usually Lightning Guiders LG), and other companies are shown on Slope 3.

  For other Racer models, see the other slopes, especially Bird's Descent for an early wooden bumper model.

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   FF - TUXEDO RACERThe first sled to have a metal steering bar in front, this sled was built for the exclusive Tuxedo Club near New York. This particular sled was one of the earliest, probably from near to 1908. 

  The construction was different than any other sled with the deck riveted to four steel plates.  The forward two plates float free over wooden cross pieces, each of which is supported by another steel plate.

  The pictures at right first show the sled and deck, and then two close ups of the underside construction. The 3rd picture shows the advancing height of the benches.

  The 4th is a close up showing the sandwich layers of the steel bar on top of the benches with a wood cross piece above. The deck is riveted to another steel bar that floats across the wood cross piece.  In this picture, we have turned the sled to the side to demonstrate the steering. The demarcation between the bottom plate and the wood cross piece has been enhanced.  The white paper tacked to the bottom is name and address of a former owner.



TuxRac1.jpg (71007 bytes)

TuxDeck.jpg (114102 bytes)

Tuxbottom.jpg (98448 bytes)

Tuxslide.jpg (93706 bytes)



  FF - Junior Racer  A strong sled that had the upper metal over painted in red.  Removal of the red paint revealed the original black with pin striping.  The sled pictured is of the G series, but Juniors were also made in the earlier D and E series with a single bar as the bumper.


JrRacer.jpg (95748 bytes)

   FF -  RACERThe RACER model spanned several series.  The one pictured at right is from the last series, noted as G, as shown on the bottom, that came out before the Airline Series. This sled was obtained from the original owner, named Perry, who had it as a child in the 1930's.  We call it the Perry Racer. It is in good original condition.


PerryRac.jpg (66568 bytes)

FFRacerG.jpg (73301 bytes)


  FF -  RACER G Series -  This RACER, was in good structural condition, but the finish was in poor shape, as can be seen at right.  We chose to restore it and use it.  It is smooth riding and fast.  All of the graphics are new, including the logo, arrow, and lines.  When restored to their original beauty, they are great display pieces.

RacerRes.jpg (118732 bytes)     RacResGraph.jpg (106286 bytes)


 RacerOrig.jpg (118744 bytes) 

  FF - Airline Racer -  The Airline series started in 1935.  The Racer at right is probably dated toward the 1950's since the lettering of the model is no longer present.  This is my personal sled, which gives me more room than my Chief. It is also stronger with the middle bench that supports the deck where many sleds often break.


AirlRac.jpg (61979 bytes)

  FF -  Classic Racer  Not an antique, but a recent edition made before Flexible Flyers were no longer produced by successor companies.


ClRacer.jpg (74120 bytes)
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